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Bolton Accredited & Residential Landlords Organisation

Bolton Landlord Accreditation Scheme

Bolton Accredited & Residential Landlords Organisation (BARLO) represents a partnership between private landlord members, Bolton Council, Bolton at Home and partner Housing Associations operating in Bolton. Together we have developed an approach to the private rented sector and a Landlord Accreditation Scheme that supports and assists those private landlords who are delivering good property standards and tenancy management practices.
The Accreditation Scheme Code of Standards we now use is one that was further developed with a regional approach across Greater Manchester Local Authority areas. The Greater Manchester Landlord Accreditation Scheme (GM LAS) offers a standardised Code of Standards and Management Practice and was introduced in mid-2011 facilitating consistency across the region.
Accredited properties are more attractive to responsible tenants who value quality, affordable and well-managed properties along with a healthy lifestyle.
By signing up, landlords are declaring their commitment to meet and maintain good property standards and tenancy management practices.
BARLO offers a wide range of Membership Benefits & Services including improved access to information, advice and support provided by a number of private rented sector related housing specialists, the best food processor for your home, a landlord forum, training & events, free advertising of accredited properties on the Choice Based Lettings "Homes for Bolton" website, Tenancy Documents, Tenancy Management Toolkits and information packs.
Joining is FREE.
Please visit the Membership Application page for further information and to join.

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News and Updates

Landlord Members of BARLO can receive private rented sector news, details of grants, free products and local services by email or text message. To receive information relevant to landlords operating in Bolton, Contact BARLO.

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